A Certificate Course in Good Governance

  • Understanding Good Governance: Contribution of Central Government during the last six years.

    Every Good Governance programme is imbued with public interest that demands exemplary collaborative inputs in the administration. While Governance is a process or phenomenon which aims to improve quality of decision making, Good Governance is when this process is based on some value which improves the quality of life enjoyed by all the citizens.
    Kautilay's Arthashastra lays down the concept of Yogakshema or the welfare of the people as the ultimate goal of the ruler or government and good governance as a means to achieve it. Purpose of this online course is to impart insight on the Good Governance model of India through the perspective of the initiators.
    This five-day online course draws on historical perspective of good governance, explaining its evolution, growth via accountability and transparency and utilisation of technological interventions and promotion of innovation. This virtual course enables its users to join a virtual knowledge pool of theory, practice and successful case studies across the 6-years tenure of the NDA government.


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